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Licensing and State Exam


To be licensed as a real estate salesperson in the State of Hawaii, you must attend and pass an accredited real estate licensing course. You must also take and pass the State Licensing Exam, make written application for your license and pay the appropriate fees. As a salesperson you must "hang" your license with an existing brokerage firm and conduct your real estate activities under the supervision of the firm’s Principal Broker or you may apply for your license and place it directly on "inactive" status. (The same licensing fees are required in either case.) Normally, you will be an "Independent Contractor" paid strictly on a commission basis.


The Real Estate Licensing Exam is administered under contract with the Hawaii Real Estate Commission (REC).  Before taking the exam, candidates must have completed an accredited licensing course or have received a waiver from the REC for this requirement.

Students must register for the State Exam by the required deadlines. Detailed information on registering to take the exam will be provided on the first day of class.

The State Exam has two parts. The "National" section covering general real estate principles and practices, and the "State Law" section dealing with specific Hawaii statutes; the entire exam consists of multiple choice questions only. Each section is graded separately and requires a passing score of 70% for Salesperson and 75% for Broker candidates.  Candidates failing either section of the exam must retake the failed section.

Your Hawaii Real Estate Commission School Completion Certificate issued by the Akahi Real Estate Network, LCC is effective for two (2) years from the date issued, allowing one to take the State Licensing Exam any time during that period.

Anyone who successfully passes the Real Estate Licensing Exam must apply for their license, in writing, within two years of the exam date or the test scores will be declared invalid and he/she must retake the exam. Licensing fees must be paid at the time of application.


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