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"Live" Broker Classes

Whenever there is enough interest to make it worthwhile, Jay will consider teaching an eighty (80) hour Broker Class in Kona or Hilo. If you're interested in attending a live Broker class, Contact Jay and he can add your name to the list for any tentative upcoming classes.
The HI Real Estate Commission indicated that they are contemplating raising the current 80 hour requirement to 175 hours ~ Hawaii is in the bottom 20% of State requirements to obtain a Broker's License.
The proposed class would be conducted over three ~ 3 day weekends ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. at a cost of $1,175 to include two texts, class & final exam.  
The 9th day of class is required to compensate for the lunch periods & the four hour school final exam ~ also to review the over-all course material as necessary. State exam costs $68.
 If you are possibly interested in attending, or have additional questions, Contact Jay

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